Magnum iBind A12 Manual Comb Binder

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  • Magnum iBind A12 Manual Comb Binder

Key Features Integral comb closer Easy action punch system Compact & stylish design Waste tray Great for use in Schools & colleges Universities Offices Home Ideal when binding Professional reports Handbooks Calendars Presentations & proposals Marketing materials



The Magnum iBind A12 Manual Comb Binding System features an easy action punching system for 20% less effort, combined with a unique & stylish design.

Ideal to use in schools, colleges and universities to bind essays, dissertations and coursework.

Document Size A5 & A4 / 6×8-inch & 8.5×11-inch
Manual or Electric Manual
Punching Capacity (70gsm / 47lbs sheets) 12
Binding Capacity (70gsm / 47lbs sheets) 450
Dimensions without Packaging (mm / inches) 150x350x275 / 6x14x11
Weight without Packaging (Kgs / lbs) 2.8 / 6
Warranty 1 Year*